Thursday, 22 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Now living in Vienna for almost three months, the novelty of bratwurst and gluhwien still hasn't quite worn off but before it does I thought I would share what I have been up to and ask a favour.

The jobs I have been applying for haven't gone well and most have a requirement that I speak German, who knew!?  But all of that will change in January as I will be working alongside a small studio called Schuller & Heise... more of that to come later :)!

So since being jobless I decided to delve into my own interests in stories and childrens book illustration and give it a go. This test run has completely opened my eyes to what I want to do now and in the future, I had always liked stories and illustration but not having that background made me cautious of ever trying it.

In my previous posts I have shared some spreads that I was doing digitally for some stories, however, with my current set up I couldn't even digitally paint, so I got out the watercolours and pencils and went to town; drawing cute and colourful pictures.

I have been more socially active lately on instagram: rjfenton and twitter @Rosalyn_Fenton
With posting often a small opportunity occurred...

I'm not too sure how much I'm allowed to say but I may be included in a illustrators book that may or may not be released in March next year. Exciting stuff!

I was approached by 'them' through one of my instagram posts and they have asked me to send them three images that will be published in the book. This said book will be sent out to other studios in various countries. This book covers all genres and categories of illustration, from clean cut graphics to greeting cards to book spreads.

Below is a collection of some of the things I have been creating, feel free to comment which you think are illustrations that should be considered for the book, it would be greatly appreciated :)

NOTE* Apologies for the low quality in some of the images, some are scanned others are just taken with a phone. I'll spruce them up before sending the three to the book.

The Biscuiteers!

Brolly Sailors

I am also continuing to write one of my own stories, will blog with more updates soon!

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  1. Nice to read your career update and see your work Rosie. Lovely illustrations. Keep us informed of your progress in the new year - sounds exciting :) Merry Christmas (To Ant too)!