Thursday, 9 June 2016

@Phil @Alan The Bog Goblin Post Hand In

After given feedback I have made the following changes:
- hard stops gone (I think I got them all)
-Scene 1 re-comped (see before/after image)
-Reanimated Scene 1 Shot 7, 'shark shot' (last shot- still not completely satisfied but its better than what it was, any suggestions?)
- Mechanic animation/face - admittedly I haven't resolved all but the obvious ones have been redone- Credits placement and sound 
-Balancing white sound - my headphones have there own white noise so I hope the sound is balanced enough - please tell me your thoughts :)

I have been unintentionally absent for awhile so I'm playing the horrible game of catch up. I wanted any feedback before submitting for the screening award. Any small changes, particularly sound as I cant hear it well, please let me know :)
I am happy to make larger changes for New Designers stand.


  1. Hi Rosie :) - Okay, for me, it's just the 'shark smile' you've got to sort before you submit to the Screening Award. Right now, it doesn't work because a) the actual drawing of the teeth themselves isn't helping; it would be much better, as your flipping into a drawn universe, that the smile becomes a proper cartoon version of his smile, so more this: (without the shark I mean) - it needs to have the same drawn style as your water animation does - i.e. conspicuously cartoony and drawn. I also think you're letting us look at this moment for too long; it should be 'smile like a shark' (we see big grin and then bang, we're onto the next scene). If you can't make this work in the time remaining, then just go with your original set up, where we saw him laugh in the dark, and then move on.

  2. Much better, Rosie - good stuff :D