Saturday, 16 April 2016

Major: Starting to update the Art Of...

Snod Goblin Expressions

Sally Colour Comp 1

Sally Colour Comp 2

Sally Colour Comp Final

Updating previous aspects of the Art Of just making them nicer and more book-worthy really. I've been looking at the concept art of Wreck it Ralph and Frozen and I'm trying to find a balanced blend to try and fit these colour comps into a more storybook world as that was the original idea. I've also been looking at the art of Tangled for their line art theirs is more sketchy which I am tempted to do also but I know in previous experience my sketchy lines were far too sketchy, fingers crossed the balance is there!

Still to come:
Sally expressions
Snod Colour Comps
Maybe more concept art...


  1. Really like that Snod page, and while this is very picky, those slight overlaps on the far top left and far top right don't seem quite right, as it's something we don't see repeated elsewhere. Can you just separate out these drawings so they all have their own space?