Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Major: Title Font

Above are some fonts I'm testing out for the title in the intro of the animation. The more I look at it the more I steer towards 2 and 4 because its more in keeping with the child-like feel I want to convey but is it too neat? The fonts previewed here are just some testers and I would love to hear any thoughts :)
The last image I have quickly put together as just an example of what I'm working towards.
All feedback is welcome :)  

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Major: Starting to update the Art Of...

Snod Goblin Expressions

Sally Colour Comp 1

Sally Colour Comp 2

Sally Colour Comp Final

Updating previous aspects of the Art Of just making them nicer and more book-worthy really. I've been looking at the concept art of Wreck it Ralph and Frozen and I'm trying to find a balanced blend to try and fit these colour comps into a more storybook world as that was the original idea. I've also been looking at the art of Tangled for their line art theirs is more sketchy which I am tempted to do also but I know in previous experience my sketchy lines were far too sketchy, fingers crossed the balance is there!

Still to come:
Sally expressions
Snod Colour Comps
Maybe more concept art...

Friday, 15 April 2016

@Phil @Alan Major: Previs_Draft_5

Just a few notes beforehand....
- These sounds are not permanent its what I've got for now though the majority I am happy with
- Sallys vocals I'm going to work on changing
- All animation in this previs has not been corrected with the graph editor as of yet
- The shot in scene 1 where the goblin laughs with a quilt on his head is just drafted - I'll rework it       after an Alan chat :)
- 2D animation will be completed after the animation is rendered
- Lastly the title at the beginning is temporary

All feedback is welcome :)