Wednesday, 23 March 2016

YPGTTO: Sped Paint Challenge 10: The Harp District

A little messy but I think I was just having fun with colours and lines and loosening up.


  1. lovely - thank you, Rosie :)

  2. 04/04/2016

    BogGobilin Pre-viz #5

    Opening shots - slow it all back down - remember you're making something spooky at this point: use sounds to create suspense; let us look at what we need to see (i.e. Granny's room etc). Commit to scream so you can time eye-opening shot.

    Bathroom scene - re-time toothpaste/soap eating - consider addition of 'gnasher' shot if rhythm demands it. Sally's reaction to pants - a sort of weary 'sigh' as if to say 'Really? This again?'

    Artist scene - commit to timing of words and walls and include shot '3 and 4' of crayon and pen arm swipes. Sally's reaction - consider trimming/extending etc.

    Fart scene sound - think about comic timing of SFX as opposed to animation.

    Final scene - so panning left from embrace to finish on final drawing showing Sally and Goblin holding hands happily ever after.

  3. FYI