Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Major: Pre_vis Update

Things that have changed: 
-no more suggestive mud 
-garden scene re-vamped (still not 100% happy)
 -muddy textures included
 -crayons included
- Sally grimace
- Zoomed out on PONG

 Thoughts: I'm thinking about changing the end scene..
Sally looks under bed and stands
Snod is in the corner hiding looking sad
Cut to Sally holding a crayon wanting to give it to Snod
Snod is delighted and the two hug



  1. Hey Rosie - I think you instincts re. the ending are spot on :) Garden scene much better! Just a quick nit-pick: at the beginning, when the covers get pulled off Sally, her eyes are closed again, just after the scene in which we've seen her wide-awake suddenly. Can you just have some face acting from her instead - so as the blanket is pulled down, we see her eyes react somehow - as in 'uh oh!' or similar?

  2. sorry - I think *your* instincts...