Thursday, 10 March 2016

Major: Pre_vis Update

Though the pre vis isn't finished I thought it had been a long time since blogging. I'm going to redo the garden scene altogether as I dont feel it is entertaining enough. Textures have been updated slightly since this previs with both Sally and Snod have 'muddy' clothes and 'pastelly/scribbly' clothes too. I have also tried a quick water running test in Pencil 2D software which is too rough even for a practice... I think once I am 100% sure on the camera angles and such I will dive into 2D then and get scribbling!

Note: I'm also thinking of an establishing shot then starting the animation.....

All feedback is welcome :)


  1. Always improving this, Rosie :)

    Some new nitpicks! The 'pong' nose close-up is too close - open out the composition - or track backwards to open it out 'in shot' - it feels odd to have her eyes cropped out completely etc.

    When the goblin's outfit lands on Sally's face, the action comes to an end: what is her reaction to this? I think you need to think about this, because this shot 'stops'; if you give her some reaction to this moment, you could keep the camera movement going until the end of the shot, right up to the cut to the next scene. One idea might be to have the goblin's outfit slide from her face to the floor, leaving us looking at Sally's grimace!

    It's just occurred to me that, in the garden scene, the shots are in the wrong place: when we hear the line about the goblin making bogies, what we should be seeing is the shot where we see the goblin with the bogey between his palms...

    Oh - and I'd just rethink the 'brown' splodges on the bathroom wall (so closely associated with the toilet) - we know the Goblin's a mucky little bugger, but I don't think you want us to think he's *that* mucky! Maybe think about him having drawn faces on the tiles with the toothpaste instead?

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  3. Note: Try not to stay away from the University in the final weeks leading up to the hand in. I'm not suggesting you're not working or we should see you everyday but I've seen students go 'off track' if they isolate themselves and work predominantly at home in the latter stages of their studies. I'd recommend coming (particularly whist animating) and getting feedback.