Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Major: Animation Tests

Here are some animation tests I have done recently which still need alot of finessing and the scenes below I currently haven't used the graph editor for clean up but its been a little while since I posted so thought I'd share :)

NOTE: The video is for animation only I know the sizes of the shots are slightly off and the narration isn't exactly in sync I just wanted to put the animation to a verse :) 
All feedback is welcome :)


  1. On the goblin's bum scene, it feels like it needs a bit more exaggeration and some secondary detailing - the fact that the flap of his trousers doesn't move is making it feel rather too solid, and I think that his bum crack (can't believe I'm writing this!) needs more definition - it sort of looks like he doesn't have a bum crack - poor guy!

  2. Re. the soap section: I think you could cut from the soap juggling scene to the close-up of the goblin eating it sooner than you do - only by a few frames, but I think we're left looking at that shot for a fraction too long.

  3. Completely agree! Builders bum in the making