Monday, 8 February 2016

Major: Finding a Style...

For the minor I rendered everything in mental ray and left it as a maya default, the only style was the modelling and the texturing. Since then I've struggled to find a style that works, that I like and being achievable but I might just have it now!
Though it isn't quite there I think its on its way. With this new approach I am thinking about going back into my painted textures and draining them of detail instead making it more hand drawn with scribbly lines and much vibrant colours as the renders currently are washed out.

Though I did like the maya mental ray default I think the new approach is closer catered to my audience and the 'story book' vibe. I am hoping to make the final renders more painterly, like the style of watercolour paintings.

NOTE: as this is rendered in maya software I need to smooth the model with polysmooth - a button for smoothing or dummy model is yet to come

Things to do-
- re paint textures for more hand drawn style
- increase colour vibrancy 
- continue to play with blending modes in AE

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