Thursday, 28 January 2016

Major: Goblin Corrective Blendshapes


Chest RZ Blendshapes

Chest RX Blendshapes

Pelvis RX Blendshapes

Pelvis RX Blendshapes

Pelvis RY Blendshapes

Major: Sally Corrective Blendshapes Further

Hair Corrective Blendshape

Chest/Button Corrective Blendshape RNegZ
Chest/Button Corrective Blendshape RNeg/PosX
Chest/Button Corrective Blendshape RPosZ
 Firstly, I sorted out the major problems using corrective blendshapes, like her shorts and how crinkled they were. I went back and tweaked the buttons, chest and hair as they showed up even more when everything else was neater.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Major: Minor After Adjustments


Eye blendshapes
I have added one more expression to her face with blendshapes so now she can be 'happy', 'sad', 'angry' and a 'puff' I thought I could use puff for when she smells something foul - like the Bog Goblin.
Secondly, I have made her eyes as blendshapes to help push expression further. 1 - Both pupil and iris constrict. 2 - Both pupil and iris expand. 3 - Pupil only expands. 4 - Pupil only constricts.

Major: Modelling Rooms (Bathroom)

Though accessories still need to be added to clutter the room a bit more, both the bathroom and bedroom are almost finished with modelling, just 3 more to go...

Major: After Minor Adjustments - Corrective Blendshapes on Sally

Her shoulder joint isnt too bad but some more corrective blendshapes to come. The main errors were in her pelvis because of her chunky shorts.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Minor: After thoughts

To be completed for Minor:

1 - Redo Corrective Blendshapes
2 - Continue experiments with style
   - Use traditional methods first   - Further Research
3 - Rerecord Voice correctly (due 25th Jan)
4 - Make and adjustments to animatic

I am happy with creating two functional characters that still have a personality within them, I am also pleased with my facial blendshapes.

January Goals
1 -Both Characters corrective blendshapes working
2 -Model and UV 3/5 environments

Minor Submission