Thursday, 1 October 2015

Minor Project: The basis

So I'm starting a bit everywhere at the moment with some rough ideas on what the bog goblin could look like and what he gets up to. I've also started to think about the little girl character and what she could look like, but first I'm thinking I need to find her personality. I want it all to link so her being dressed up as something indicates an interest of hers or maybe she dresses like the bog goblin? Like Andy is Toy Story who likes cowboys and space rangers, he wears a cowboy hat in the beginning and has a space ship duvet cover. Which brings me to the location, I haven't thought too much about it other than there maybe a few as the rhyme will take place in more than one location I'm just not sure where yet.
I was first thinking too girly about the rhyming but after a corridor chat I did my research into more of the silly stuff that children enjoy, when they go through that phase of liking everything gross. This brought me onto looking into Horrid Henry, The Twits and re-watching some Larva, which was an original inspiration.
Below is an influence map of the girl character, silhouettes and rough face sketches of the bog goblin and what simple rhymes I've came up with so far and a clip of Larva for your enjoyment :)

*Note I'm trying to keep the lines in each rhyme similar as it'll be performed as skits I want the action to flow and be on screen long enough.

Girl IM

Bog Goblin Silhouettes

BG Faces - I like numbers 6 and 10

(these aren't in any particular order)

Beware of the bog goblin   
He’ll tickle your toes at night    
Borrow your bestest blanket
And give old Nana a fright!    

Beware of the bog goblin
For he makes teddy bear stew
And their ears to make dumplings
Or he may even eat you! 

Beware of the Bog Goblin
For he is a smelly thing
Using your socks as perfume
And dog hair as dental string

Beware of the Bog Goblin
He likes to pick big bogies
Roll them into squishy mush
And flick them at old fogies

Beware of the Bog Goblin
For he loves sugary sweets
Bounce, zip, flop, flip
Oh no… He’s been sick on your sheets

Beware of the Bog Goblin
He likes to make muddy pies
Digging through the flower pots
A yummy cake surprise!



  1. I think (6) and (10) look more mischievous! :)

  2. Style examples...

    There's a video file showing how to construct this look in after effects after rendering in Maya. I have it if you need it.

  3. Hi Rosie - really sorry I haven't passed this way before when I said I would... events have rather overtaken me in first year land... can you email me your verses (which I really like by the way), because I'm thinking that maybe the rhyming scheme could be a bit more satisfying in terms of no of syllables per line etc. I just want to try and work something out which you might then be able to use as a guide for shaping your existing vignettes.

    Oh - and also: