Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Minor: Girl Character Colour Comps

I think (and hope!) I've got the girl character where I want her - at first too old then too young so I'm hoping with the addition of re'proportion and a little neck she hits the right age. I have also done some quick colour comps using overlay.

I know at the moment she looks a little plain - in the colour comps I've added freckles and whichever colour comp I take further I'll mess her up a bit with dirt specks and worn material but for now here are the local colours - I've been looking at pastel colours mostly. I like numbers 4 and 9 but I think some more colour play may be needed. All feedback is welcome :)


  1. Shes cute! I like 3, 4 and 9. :)

  2. I like 3, 5 and 9, but i think you should try some different colour hair as well, she looks like she should be blonde to me in the uncoloured drawing.

  3. Hi Rosie - I don't understand what's in her hair... is that bow we're looking at, or two conical hats? And I think you should deal with her hands...

    1. yes her hands are on the way :) ! Its supposed to be conical hats like party hats, I wanted her to echo some gobliness? with the shape that is