Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor: Bog Goblin Final? Girl Character on the way...

So after my last tutorial it was suggested to go back to the girl and reconsider the proportions as she was looking a little too old, at first I was taking inspiration from old photos of my younger siblings but this time I've just focused on one of them - Lily who is 4 - though I'm unsure what age my character is she is 5 and under.

I looked at her face again, I originally like black eyes but children and animation in general are expressive, and through research characters for a younger audience have bigger eyes, so I want to make the girl as expressive as possible - which I don't believe can be done with black button eyes.

I like number 3 for the face

I also had another look at body proportions and dressed her up a bit, I like her in numbers 1, 3 and possibly 5.

I also adjusted the Bog Goblins colour and put him in his swimming costume :)

All feedback is welcome


  1. Hmmm - well for me, she's a bit too 'doll-like' - and sort of tipping over into a bit 'creepy' but also a bit too Victoriana and sentimental - she's a bit too soppy-seeming. If all of this seems unduly negative, it's not meant to be - it's just she seems to china doll and also too young - she looks about 4 - when isn't the target audience a bit older ? She looks too much like a toddler to me... what do you think?

  2. Also - bog goblin is looking rather charming in his stripy number - but I'd be interested to understand the shape of his head a little more.. time for some 3/4 views!

  3. Don't forget you're going to make this in 3D - You need to 'shape' the head a bit.

  4. Hey Rose,

    Here are some references that might be useful for you as you develop the side view. :)