Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project : Goblin Influence Maps

Though I need to do further research as to what will happen in the animation it is certain that the bog goblin will be included. I have done some influence maps containing inspiration for his appearance and the second is more of a reminder who my target audience is (and possible style influence), as I don't want my bog goblin to come across mean and scary more ugly-cute. I have also thought about how his environment would affect him; small spaces, dingey, dark and smelly will all play a factor to the size and shape of his proportions and features. That said I'm liking the idea of using a bat as an influence for his face as some are adorable and others are just 'unfortunate-looking' lets say. Other species I have been looking at is creatures that live in water as both toilets and sewers contain water maybe he could be slightly aquatic?

Something I am struggling with is the other character.... I'm thinking a young girl simply because it will be easier for me to convey it having younger sisters and it'll be easier to get a voice recording, however, this is something that isn't set in stone. I understand that I need two characters to play off each other to perform the skits, I have one so far but I need the young girl or boy to be interesting and not something generic.... more research to come and sketches of the bog goblin!

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