Saturday, 7 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Rottcodd Outfit and Jewels

I think I am alot closer to finalising Rottcodds clothes. I like number 2 the most, all three are the same just with a decreasing vibrancy in them. I have dirtied up number 2 and it was spoken of to make his cloak more surrounding so I have made it almost as tall as his head, thick fur and long so it drags when he walks. Also the colour palette is now more browns as blues were looking rich and greys were looking villain.

I have also thought about what jewels he could wear. I was thinking number 1 as the necklace and possibly 2 or 6 as a belt buckle, I think the gold is too much for Rottcodd and the dark gems illuminate his reclusive side.

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