Monday, 2 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Rottcodd - Developing Further

I have done further stance and pose sketches to understand Rottcodd and his mannerisms. Using myself as a reference has definitely helped with the posing but when it came to expressions it wasn't as successful. Instead I looked at animation sheets of characters pulling faces, this helped me alot more than using myself as I can only contort my face so much... whereas looking at a character whose expression has already been pushed helped alot. Though I feel I have lost my character a little with the expressions as he does look quite different in each one, it is a step up from my previous drawings of his expressions, I will have to find a balance.
I also made three of the stances 'neater' and added a draft outfit, I quite like his outfit with the differing shapes, I will consider details later.
Any Feedback is welcome :)


  1. Hi Rosie

    Nice lose sketches but I think your losing something when you add detail (Page 2). See the example below...

    1. ah yes i see some practice is in order....