Thursday, 19 March 2015

Acting Class 3

This session was all about appeal and creative thinking. We did exercises that included coming up with an action with an object but not telling the subject what to do... only using clapping as a form of response. The item chosen didn't have to serve the purpose that was expected which made it funny to watch.

L: Objects M: Sam using a brush for a mic R: Suki stroking a mug like a cat

L: Josh the snake charmer M: Anthony Drying himself R: Will Fanning himself with toilet roll

L: Tom giving birth to Cartmen M: Ayunie clipping her nails R: Rosalyn Peeling a banana

In the second half of the session we would move until Dan said freeze, another person would join the scene and it would resume, the new member gave us the scene, ranging from sunbathing to karate to a hit & run.

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