Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Acting Class 2

Today was quite a challenging class. We were first given numbers (unkowingly) and we responded to each others status based on the number (1 being a lower status and 10 being the highest).

We were then paired up and given a scenario, and played out a high or low status then performed the scenario again in reverse, all improp!

Ayunie and Ruby
Ruby heard something in the bushes but Ayunie is determined to stay at the campfire.

Josh and Heidi
Josh has a date and Heidi is a nosy mother looking out for her son.

Me and Sam
Avoiding all conversation about his new ugly hair-do.

Suki and Anthony
A father has opened his daughters letters.

Tom and Anthony
A possible job promotion.

Overall the class was very enjoyable though personally I found it very difficult to be the more vulnerable lower status.

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