Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Film Review: Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir (2008) is a documentary animation directed by Ari Folman. Folman is Israeli born and the child to parents who were holocaust survivors, when he was 19 he was in the Lebanon war and stayed with the army for 22 years. His previous work is film, not animation, this includes Saint Clara (1996) and Made in Israel (2001) one of which is a more family friendly Sunday afternoon film and the other is a comedy, thriller Nazi chase. Folmans style has ranged with his previous work but with Made in Israel and Waltz with Bashir they both have war elements there, and the style is quite harsh. One mocks Nazis and their whereabouts and the other gives the audience the harsh reality of a war. Waltz with Bashir has a particular moodiness about it there are specific scenes where the colours become muted and abstract; this sets the tone for the film. It is also a very personal film as Folman has used his own experiences to create the animation he also voices 7 of the characters.
Waltz with Bashir is about an Israeli film director, Ari Folman, who interviews past friends who are also war veterans to reconstruct his own memories of the Lebanon war as he can’t remember everything within his service.

I think the animation was trying to portray the brutality of the massacre but make it more watch-able through animation so the feature could be viewable to more audiences. Folman did achieve this even with subtitles it was interesting and evoking especially the opening scenes and the more abstract parts. I wouldn’t recommend this film to everyone, only someone who is interested in military warfare, due to the length of the animation it becomes less entertaining.

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