Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation Part A: Submission Making Of and Infographic

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  1. I like your video infographic Rosie it features a good set of underlying ideas, it’s playful and fun, and generally paced well. There is also a good level of personal authorship in your work which shows that you were in control on a conceptual level. For example, your naming of each disposal type (funny) is cleverly thought out and you’re referencing of Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock nicely observed. Well done.

    A few improvements:

    1) From a design point of view your car is the least successful. It has a naïve style (childlike) which doesn’t match your more refined designs, such as the cocktail glass and skeleton.

    2) The ending doesn’t work yet. This is due to the way you’ve constructed and executed the scene not the idea of the scene itself. Unfortunately it doesn’t read as if the light is being switched on or off. The revealed bodies are in the wrong place too (in the front of the lamp). I would suggest instead having the light turn on as opposed to off revealing more bodies stuffed in other furniture/doorways etc – as if the screen is an imaginary room. Then switching off to black - You also need a ‘click’ sound and movement on the cord to give the audience more info.

    3) The ‘Exorfish’ transition is the least satisfying in terms of its animation/ finesse…there is a ‘jump’ as the ball is moving down?