Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Adaptation Part B: Rottcodd further Stances and Outfit Basics

I have sketched up more stances of Rottcodd using myself as a reference, though I feel they would come to life further if I knew the basics of the outfit like a droopy cloak or an accessory that gets in the way of particular activity. I have done 12 basic outfit designs, these do not include details such as accessories, patterns and colour, just how they fall on the body and how can I reflect his personality onto his clothing. Though I am thinking heavily patterns on the bodices, possibly jewellery and emblems and dark moody colours as he is embodying a vulture. My personal favourite is number 10
All feedback is welcome


  1. Number 2 for me...Possibly number 3 too. I like you reaching/ stool pose too. Keep going.

  2. Note: Some of the elements of the other costumes could be incorporated.

    Note: In the side drawings the center or gravity is wrong...he is falling backwards. If you draw a line between his pelvis (bum) and head (top) and then half it, then draw straight down, that's where the center/ middle of the foot should be.

  3. Sorry - ball of the foot (just before the toes).