Saturday, 21 February 2015

Adaptation Part B: Posing and Expression

I have spent some time getting to know Rottcodd and how simple stances would look with his personality slapped onto it. Also working out which expressions would be interesting to see with his wrinkly face. Overall, though this took time it was fun as not every reference was on google so I used myself for some instead :)
Costumes/outfits for Rottcodd are on the way
All feedback is welcome


  1. Hi Rosie

    Whilst I'm still not sure you've quiet found your Rottcodd yet I think there's a mini breakthrough in your drawings. For the first time I can see the a bit of 'naturalism/ reality' - particularly the poses where he's reading the book and scratching his face. Where these the results of using yourself as reference? Try thinking about poses where he's in more challenging situations too such as 'standing on a stool / ladder reaching for the top book shelf' or 'carrying too many scrolls'...explore how he would react. Also in the face...such as a sneeze, disappointment, surprise, or anger.

  2. indeed it was, okay I'll hop to it