Wednesday, 28 January 2015

@alan Adaptation Part A: On screen instructions

After alot of thinking and confusion I have decided to keep the words as few as possible, this has lengthened my storybaord aswell in a good way as I was struggling to bulk it out as the pacing will be steady and not slow, for each scenario I have named them after a horror film with a twist, admittedly they are not all great so any puns are welcome!
* in bold is the title and instruction (words on screen) the italics are the explanation which will not be on screen during the infographic)

Rules of Disposing a Body

Car-ee (instead of Carrie)
- a car
- a deserted location
(Scenario 1: Putting a body in the boot of a car and abandoning the car.)

The Exorfish (instead of the Exorcist)
- weight (approx 20kg)
- duct tape
(Scenario 2: Attatching a weight to a body and dumping it into the sea)

Daqula (instead or Dracula)
- Bath tub
- Lime
(Scenario 3: Dissolving a body in lime and making a lime daiquiri)

Paranormal Activist (instead of Paranormal Activity)
- Use corpse as compost
- Grow your herbs
(Scenario 4: Growing herbs/plants from the body buried in your garden)

Silence of the Lamps (instead of Silence of the lambs)
- Lampshade
- air freshener
(using a corpse as a lamp)

This is an updated storyboard, the one with notes is just for me to remember the transitions and forming of words. I am thinking of something to go next to the words like a bullet point but something more associated with the infographic maybe a blood stain or bloody handprint?

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  1. Better and I like the names - The only thing I would add is a more extreme' turning on the lamp reveals bodies hidden evenywhere