Friday, 9 January 2015

Adaptation Part A - Disposing/Hiding a Body

After the pitch it was voted and with the most response that I go with The Rules Of...'Hiding a Body'.
Though hiding might not be the right word, instead disposing of a body.
I have come up with a few fun ideas that include disposing, hiding and the uses for a corpse.

Dispose -
Lime (possibly create a lime daiquiri with a limb poking out the top like an umbrella would)
Dump off a bridge
Bury it (good fertilizer)
BBQ or cook it (a romantic dinner for two)
Feed your pet snake 
Use as bate for a vicious animal

Uses - 
Coat Stand
Ironing Board
Arm Chair
Lamp Stand

I am struggling with the graphic style. I think the infographic will be quite fun so I have looked at the following videos for simple style purposes though I am unsure whether all of the styles used in these animation qualify for infographic use.

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