Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation Part B: Ideas

For Part B I am looking into topics that I am interested in. Things I have learnt, read and heard, these include different artists, books I have read and cultural history I have learnt.
At the moment I am unclear about what I want to produce, whether it be a turnaround, environment or very short animation. Though I would like to be able to fully produce a character before year 3 I am unsure where to get a character from as the books I have been  reading for the past few years have been adapted multiple times and doing it again would be unnecessary and lack originality.

Asopes Fable
Poem - Frivilous Cake by Mervyn Peak?
Gormenghast novel- possibly the character Rotcodd?
The Thorn Tree - Linked with History (King Arthur)
Old Tales - water Nymphs and Jenny Greenteeth

Plains Indians/Native American - The process of a boy becoming a man
                                                    - Rituals/spiritual
Dreamcatcher - history/meaning

Brian Fraud - his environment/character sketches and journal notes

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