Thursday, 22 January 2015

Adaptation Part B: Getting to know Rottcodd...

Other than Rottcodds' physical appearance I need to understand who he is and why he is like that. I need to understand the world that Rottcodd lives in to make him seem suitable for the world, so they compliment one another...

- Reclusive
- Hoarder
- Elderly
- Quirky
- Nervous/Cautious
- Loner
- Forgotten
- Unenthusiastic
- Grumpy
- Lazy
- Keeper of the Carvings

Environment - Castle Loft (Hall of Bright Carvings)
- Dimly lit by candelabras
- Small
- One window
- Quiet
- One door for entry/exit that is always locked

Gormenghast Environment
- Old and crumbling
- Gothic influence
- Earthy (outer walls)
- Crafted/decorative

I will be researching into these art styles (Gothic) and more of the theatre world through Terry Gillian's works and looking at costume during particular eras.

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