Sunday, 2 November 2014

Character: Costume Drafts and Designs

These are some draft costume panels, this does not include their prop or main asset. For example the mask for the Witch Doctor (their main feature I will be designing separately).  The Faun and Water character will have animalistic elements, hence why their legs are missing.
Faun - I have tried to think of natural materials she could wear particularly fur or even plants.
Water - He wont exactly be wearing something but accessories and markings such as tattoos area thought.
Witch Doctor - I'm thinking tribal recluse who mixes with dark magic, again wearing natural materials but more bone than fur.
White Woman - I imagine her Goddess-like and regal with a flair of holiness throughout. I'm hoping to create a contrast with her beauty as I would like her to appear tempting but unapproachable.
NOTE - The figure outlines are just a guide I know that depending on the height, weight and function of my character could alter the clothing.

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  1. Hi Rosalyn

    I'm a little confused....In your first character design post you have a concept which features hybrid anatomies (human, animal, elemental) and (very) rough silhouettes which support that idea. But it your second post you are focusing on costumes and non hybrid characters. That seems like a strange step to me? Anatomy and costume go hand in hand driven by character. Have you resolved the hybrid idea?...if not then you shouldn't move on to costume...Be careful that you're not aborting an idea in favour of a 'Dress Up Doll' approach to character design. Can you explain am I misreading this?