Thursday, 27 November 2014

Character: Environment Influence Maps


As I am doing a Board Game the main environment is the board itself and possibly the box it could come in. However, as my game will include card art I may include two environments that the characters come from as card art too depending on how well I organize my time.
I have chosen two contrasting environments, one welcoming and friendly, the other vicious and eerie - if I am able to complete the two card art environments it will present a challenge as I get to experiment with painting differing textures.

Pipeline 1: CC Skinning - Part 4 The Upper Body

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Character: Face Line Up

From Left to Right: Faun, White Woman, Water Character, Witch Doctor.
Now that I have the draft of the characters faces I can refine them and start to add character as they seem bland at the moment.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Character: White Woman Face Design

These are face designs for my evil elf White Woman character. I personally prefer numbers 3 and 4 but I am also thinking about adding vein-like skin markings ?
Any feedback is welcome :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Character: Water Character Body and Prop

After looking back at my silhouettes I have chosen number one then developed it. Though you can tell he has a human-ish torso I have decided to make his skin patterned with different fish markings and dotted with coral. Also I have made one of his arms a crab claw and I am unsure whether to do the same for the other or something different?

These are designs for the Triton. I like numbers 3 and 5 though they are plain I don't want it to 'out do' the details for the actual character.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Character: Faun and Prop Designs

 The Fauns clothing. Left; Fur cloak on and accessories. Right; Fur cloak off and accessories

Face sketches
I wasn't sure whether her face should be all human or with animal elements. I personally like numbers 5 and 6, she still looks human but with subtle deer qualities.

Prop - Bow

Character: Witch Doctor and Prop Designs

For the costume design I like numbers 2 and 8, I want his clothes to be made out of materials that are in his environment like leafs, plants and bone.
For the Prop I like numbers 1 and 7 as I think they will accompany the character better.

All feedback is welcome :)

Character: Witch Doctor and Prop Designs

Character: Witch Doctor Mask Developed

I have taken number 11 from my design sheet and thought about the mask further, I personally prefer the original still as this character has power but isn't royal so I don't want him to come across as regal with a large headdress that could suggest that.

Character: Water Character Head Design

Here are some sketches for my water character. He is royal so I'm thinking numbers 2 or 3. 
All feedback is welcome :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Narrative: Initial PreVis

This is our initial previz for our animation.We have improvised several shots from the storyboard because it works better visually as compared to what we thought it would have been should we have followed the camera shots from the storyboard. ( I have animated the first 22 seconds - not edited it together)

Narrative: Main Prop

Skinned and in position

Joints put in place and skinned

Front Orthographic

Side Orthographic

Narrative: Toy Monkey Texture




Character: White Woman Head Design

After rethinking my design for the White Woman I have decided she is more of an Ice Queen, living in a snowy landscape. I have taken inspiration from the shape of Ice Shards. I personally like numbers 7 and 13.
All feedback is welcome :)

Character: Faun Character Head Design

These are possible head designs for my Faun Character. As she lives in the wilderness I thought she could have animalistic elements such as horns, antlers and/or deer/goat ears. As she is an archer and athletic I personally like numbers 5 and 6.
All feedback is welcome :)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Character: Witch Doctor Mask Designs

This is one of my characters - the Witch Doctor. Here are some mask designs I have done using influences from bone structure and varying cultures, I particularly like numbers 11 and 12. 
All feedback is welcome :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Character: Costume Drafts and Designs

These are some draft costume panels, this does not include their prop or main asset. For example the mask for the Witch Doctor (their main feature I will be designing separately).  The Faun and Water character will have animalistic elements, hence why their legs are missing.
Faun - I have tried to think of natural materials she could wear particularly fur or even plants.
Water - He wont exactly be wearing something but accessories and markings such as tattoos area thought.
Witch Doctor - I'm thinking tribal recluse who mixes with dark magic, again wearing natural materials but more bone than fur.
White Woman - I imagine her Goddess-like and regal with a flair of holiness throughout. I'm hoping to create a contrast with her beauty as I would like her to appear tempting but unapproachable.
NOTE - The figure outlines are just a guide I know that depending on the height, weight and function of my character could alter the clothing.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Character: Card Art and Influence Map

As my game platform is a Board Game I am thinking of the design of cards (the back of them) and a possible logo that can be symbolic to the game. I have taken influences from languages that use a different alphabet, typing in 'stone' and 'crystal' and using the letters to create something new. I am wondering whether the cards should just be plain with a texture or have a logo on them.

Influence Map