Thursday, 30 October 2014

Critical Perspectives: Freytags Pyramid

Narrative Film Theory – Freytags’ Pyramid

The Maze Runner

Exposition: Thomas is captured and doesn’t remember how or why it happened. He is in an elevator travelling somewhere he is unaware of.

Conflict: Thomas, the new member of the Maze suggests new ideas and asks too many questions for boisterous Gallys’ liking.

Rising Action: Thomas breaks the laws of the Maze by entering it. He is locked in there overnight and survives managing to save a member and friend.

Climax: Thomas and a runner discover how to escape the maze. However, in doing so it makes the creatures from the Maze spread into their homes, destroying huts and injuring innocents.

Falling Action: Thomas and a group make it out through the other side, succeeding at the Maze. Unfortunately, his young friend dies in protecting him and they realise that this wasn’t an ‘end’ it was the beginning of something instead.

Resolution: Thomas and the group have conquered the Maze and the group are taken to safety by an elite SWAT team.

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