Thursday, 30 October 2014

Critical Perspectives: Character Analysis - Mulan

Character Analysis Mulan

Wants: Mulan wants to bring her family honour. However, she feels that she can’t succeed at it being herself.

Needs: Mulan feels the need to bring honour to her family, more than that it’s proving to herself she can do something right and to her Father that she is more than just a clumsy matchmaker.

Change: Mulan has to change her identity and gender in order to be accepted into the Army to replace her Fathers position.

Flaws: Though her actions overall are for a good cause and are successful in the end. She is quite persistent and reckless in her decisions, such as stealing her Fathers armour and weaponry and travelling to the frontline with no experience.

Conflict: Mulan has conflict within herself as she wants to be the dainty and delicate matchmaker however, seems clumsy in her woman etiquette skills. She also has conflict with her Father as he is disappointed that she failed the matchmaking class.

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