Thursday, 16 October 2014

Character: Game Ideas

After some research and figuring out where my strengths lie I have came up with three draft ideas, the details may need to be tweaked and next I will see how this can translate onto a platform .i.e. video, board or app.

Idea 1     Character - Travel     Mechanism - Stone/Events     Environment - Travel/Events

Character must travel to different locations to collect stones (this can be gained by mini puzzles or challenges). That, or move large stones to align in a particular pattern in time before the Moons (Suns, Stars etc) line up otherwise a catastrophic event will occur for example the living turned to stone?

Idea 2     Character - Stone     Mechanism - Event     Environment - Travel

The character in this one could be a Gargoyle who must locate where the evil beings are before they start to clamber onto cathedrals. He could defeat them by pouring water onto them as Gargoyles are water spouts. (Possibly Holy water?)

Idea 3     Character - Stone     Mechanism - Event     Environment - Travel

This character is set in the stone age like a monkey/cave man who travels through different worlds (levels) completing puzzles. Based on how well the player completes the challenge the stronger and more efficient the Cave Man will evolve. By completing the game the cave man could have evolved into Modern man taking the theory of evolution. (This could also be done with other subjects such as dinosaurs into birds).

Any feedback is welcome 

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  1. I like the second idea, I can imagine it the gargoyle moving around the roof of the cathedral trying to stop creatures on the sides and floor trying to break in. Could move to bigger cathedrals as levels go on and get more power ups?