Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pipeline 1: CC UV Layout - The Head & Hair

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling - Attaching Head to Body

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling - The Shoes

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling - The Hand

Critical Perspectives: Character Analysis - Mulan

Character Analysis Mulan

Wants: Mulan wants to bring her family honour. However, she feels that she can’t succeed at it being herself.

Needs: Mulan feels the need to bring honour to her family, more than that it’s proving to herself she can do something right and to her Father that she is more than just a clumsy matchmaker.

Change: Mulan has to change her identity and gender in order to be accepted into the Army to replace her Fathers position.

Flaws: Though her actions overall are for a good cause and are successful in the end. She is quite persistent and reckless in her decisions, such as stealing her Fathers armour and weaponry and travelling to the frontline with no experience.

Conflict: Mulan has conflict within herself as she wants to be the dainty and delicate matchmaker however, seems clumsy in her woman etiquette skills. She also has conflict with her Father as he is disappointed that she failed the matchmaking class.

Critical Perspectives: Freytags Pyramid

Narrative Film Theory – Freytags’ Pyramid

The Maze Runner

Exposition: Thomas is captured and doesn’t remember how or why it happened. He is in an elevator travelling somewhere he is unaware of.

Conflict: Thomas, the new member of the Maze suggests new ideas and asks too many questions for boisterous Gallys’ liking.

Rising Action: Thomas breaks the laws of the Maze by entering it. He is locked in there overnight and survives managing to save a member and friend.

Climax: Thomas and a runner discover how to escape the maze. However, in doing so it makes the creatures from the Maze spread into their homes, destroying huts and injuring innocents.

Falling Action: Thomas and a group make it out through the other side, succeeding at the Maze. Unfortunately, his young friend dies in protecting him and they realise that this wasn’t an ‘end’ it was the beginning of something instead.

Resolution: Thomas and the group have conquered the Maze and the group are taken to safety by an elite SWAT team.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Narrative: Storyboard Revisited

Character Class: Evoking Emotion in Environment

First we were given a character which we had to design a environment for (right side of page). Later we were then given two words and to interpret them into an environment, I got 'Oppressive City'. (shown on left side of tower).

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Narrative: Character Concept Art - Toy Monkey

One of the concept art pieces for our animation. After some thought the circus theme is only an underlining element in the animation, therefore I will hopefully do some more concept art where the Toy is acting in the environment rather than staged.

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling - the Arm

Character: Research into Selected Characters

I have picked four characters to focus on, these being two men and two women, and the colours being green, blue, purple and yellow/white.
I'm thinking the green and yellow could be female characters and the purple and blue can be male characters. At this moment in time I imagine the purple and the green character to be human but the remaining more animalistic.

Below are some influence maps

Blue - Man

Green - Woman

Purple - Man

Yellow/White - Woman

Character: Character Influence Maps

Black, Red & Purple

Green, Blue & White

Thinking that my board game has locations/kingdoms - each kingdom needs a ruler. I have decided to use a colour to symbolise each Ruler (therefore when coming to playing pieces I could assign a block colour to each). The colours I am thinking are as follows - Red, Black, Purple (possibly evil Rulers) and Green, Blue and Yellow/White (possibly good Rulers). I think I will focus on four characters for now and see where this can take me. Considering their sex, age and if they are human, I would like a variety of characters therefore I will try to make some 'un-human' to make the characters more interesting.

Character: Game Research

After some more in-depth research I have decided to do a board game. Though I have not gopt the details as of yet I do have the aim of the game.
Characters from different Kingdoms of the planet have to travel around collecting stones and place their 'home stone' into the turnstile. Once they have done this it will cause the Moons to align and they will be the new Ruler of all the Kingdoms across the lands.
The game will consist of -
2 -6 players
No dice
Inventory Cards

It is a strategic game where you have to think about your placement and what is the quickest route to get to your selected item. Examples and inspirations are below:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling - Lower Body Part 1

Character: Game Ideas

After some research and figuring out where my strengths lie I have came up with three draft ideas, the details may need to be tweaked and next I will see how this can translate onto a platform .i.e. video, board or app.

Idea 1     Character - Travel     Mechanism - Stone/Events     Environment - Travel/Events

Character must travel to different locations to collect stones (this can be gained by mini puzzles or challenges). That, or move large stones to align in a particular pattern in time before the Moons (Suns, Stars etc) line up otherwise a catastrophic event will occur for example the living turned to stone?

Idea 2     Character - Stone     Mechanism - Event     Environment - Travel

The character in this one could be a Gargoyle who must locate where the evil beings are before they start to clamber onto cathedrals. He could defeat them by pouring water onto them as Gargoyles are water spouts. (Possibly Holy water?)

Idea 3     Character - Stone     Mechanism - Event     Environment - Travel

This character is set in the stone age like a monkey/cave man who travels through different worlds (levels) completing puzzles. Based on how well the player completes the challenge the stronger and more efficient the Cave Man will evolve. By completing the game the cave man could have evolved into Modern man taking the theory of evolution. (This could also be done with other subjects such as dinosaurs into birds).

Any feedback is welcome 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Character Class: Silhouettes

I was given the word werewolf. To further this I thought of creatures who are half human half beast.We were told to do silhouettes thinking about the body language and how to understand the form rather than getting tied up with minor details.

I then started to think of my own characters and silhouettes.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Narrative: Storyboard Ideas

Narrative: Character Sketches

Character: First Initial Reserach

Thinking about my character into 2 categories rather Stone or Travel (or maybe a combo?) I have gathered a few images just as a visual example to help the ball start rolling...
Since looking into these images the limits seem endless. I need to figure out what type of game I would like; something more dark or based heavy on culture I lean more towards Stone. However, if I don't want my character to be placed in one particular area, a more self surviving being whether that's human, mystic or animal, then I lean more towards Travel. Though in a previous post I mentioned 'space travel' and maybe something from the past into the future, I think now I would like my character earth bound and in one time zone, however, I am keeping my options open.

Charactaer: Three words



These are the three words I was given in the Character Project. At first I was quite clueless but after some thinking and research I have came up with a few ideas. I first started with not making any of the words a category (character, environment, mechanism) just seeing them as words rather than things, here is what i came up with:

Then I started to relate them into categories. I have a few ideas but am trying to keep it open for now before narrowing down my options. What I do know is that my character will relate to Stone or Travel.