Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative: Plot Ideas

After being given the theme of 'In a Toy Cupboard' and the phrase of 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' we immediately started brainstorming and came up with several ideas. After thinking about style and content we have come up with three plots that we feel could be portrayed effectively.

Plot 1 - Puppet
  • Puppet looks up at his strings whilst dancing slowly,
  • Flash back - puppet is dancing erratically, gets tangled and ends up having some of his strings cut,
  • Cut back to the puppet dancing cautiously and slowly.
Plot 2 - Bubblegum
  • Character sees gum on the floor,
  • Flash back - same character seeing gum, rushing over to it and playing with it, becoming tangled.
  • Cut back to the character avoiding gum.
Plot 3 - The Thread
  • Character walks along and notices a loose thread on his leg,
  • Flash back - the same character pulling on a loose thread on his arm, resulting in a loss of limb,
  • Cut back to present day, Character carefully fixes thread on leg.


  1. Each of these work well in their own way I feel, but I feel the stronger of the three is the last two. With the second one you could have the character deliberately avoiding the gum and accidentally falling into something else maybe?

    Although the last one could work well as it has more of a dark humour to it with say a teddy bear, showing that he has lost a limb and replaced with a barbies arm instead from his last incident. Of the three I think I prefer the second one though :)

  2. I'd go for the first idea, it could definitely be developed to have a much darker tone since puppets can extremely creepy in general - or the puppeteer could be like a crazy or evil version of Pinocchio's, Gepetto. Maybe in the flashback the puppet could be put in various painful positions - or making the puppet do rude things such as stick his finger up to the audience, resulting in the tangling of the strings :)