Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative : In the Toy Cupboard

The cards my team (Ayunie and Scott) were given today were 'Once Bitten Twice Shy' and 'In the toy Cupboard'. At first thought we weren't too clear on the definition of the phrase and after research understand that the definition doesn't vary however, we can interpret it openly. Also, when we got the second card along with the background image as an influence we immediately thought of Toy Story,

After our chat we left and delved into our own research to later bring back and discuss any ideas we had. We want to try and get the audience and style out first and with it being 'In the Toy Cupboard' I couldn't help but think of young, childish and cute things as a style.
I looked into different animations particularly liking those that use alot of texture and colour such as shadow puppet animations. This came from looking at children's toys as they too vary in texture; from a plastic or porcelain doll to a soft teddy bear. Though the style I have looked into does portray a certain child-like innocence we are not sure if our intentions will match... However, we will see whether accompanying the style (whatever that may be) or contrasting it will be more effective.

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