Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Fantastic Voyage - The Fern Cycle Complete Animation


  1. This turned out beautifully! Great job (:

  2. Hey Rosie,

    You've certainly created a magical mood here - great job on the voice over too. Just one thing; it might be my total ignorance of the fern cycle, but when the script says 'sporangia' - and then sporophyte - is this in error? The sporangia are in the Sori on the underside of the leaves - they release the spores prior to this stage of the cycle - so are we looking at the growth of the sporophyte post-fertilisation - or the sporangia (which we haven't been shown previously?) Feel free to shout me down, but there's definite potential for confusion here - at least I'm confused!

  3. The other thing is this: your animation is very dark, but on my screen all the subtleties are there; not sure about the projector in Lecture theatre 1 - you may find your animation falls away into 'too much darkness' - can I suggest you create a 'lighter' version in post-production and then do a quick test-run in L1 prior to the crit re. visibility?

    1. yh youre right about the sporangia script error, it was even in my script so ill sort that too, yes people have been saying on different screens it appears lighter/darker so will do a few test runs also :)