Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Second Concept Art

I have chosen to go for a more jungle theme in this concept.

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  1. Hey Rosie - I think you need to investigate ways of pulling back your style from this very naturalistic, painterly place - simply because of the limitations you'll experience in terms of Maya. Some of your earlier artwork was much more suggestive - with light being used to pick out highlights and details. In looking at your work, I'm reminded of this animation - which is much more impressionist and immersive and less 'real':


    In simple terms, you don't want to spend forever modelling big, establishing locations, when the meat and potatoes of your project are dealing with something much more abstract and shape-driven (as opposed to world-driven). I'd question the real value of this production art in terms of pushing your style and pipeline strategy. Remember - you get nothing for free, so everything you make you've got to UV, texture, light and render and composite etc. Make sure you're only pre-producing what you need. A bit more style, Rose, a bit more strategy - bring those two aims together and you'll have a manageable project :)