Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Online Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 05/03/2014

    Hey Rosie,

    First things first - arrgh! *Never* use that typeface again - not only is it horrid, it's darn difficult to read! :( A general rule re. typeface in presentations etc. is put the reader's needs before your own graphical whims; keep things arial and helvetica if you want to engage your reader!

    Not sure why you're opting for just one portion of the cycle - isn't it important to join up the circle?

    I really like your 'magic forest' idea - it feels old school 40s/50s Disney to me (hence the clip I shared with you), and I like the chiaroscuro effect you're suggesting in your thumbnails (i.e. lots of deep shadow and rim-lighting). I think it would really be worth seeking to keep that 'old school animation' feel, with conspicuously painted backgrounds, and hand-drawn textures, so I suggest you take a look at some Disney concept art for further inspiration:

    You should also look at the concept art for Disney by Mary Blair - lovely stuff!

    Nothing here yet, re. how the audience might receive the info - voice-over/no voice-over, text elements - any ideas? You also need to be thinking about sound design - so much of what you're going to be depicting is, in real world terms, 'soundless', but you'll have to come up with ways to lend impact to the action on screen. You'll need sounds for things that don't have a sound - for example, the 'sound' of the light as it emanates from the sporangia etc. Although the subject matter is not related to your tone your style, check out this animation as a great example of the design and implementation of expressionistic sound:

  2. Thankyou Phil :) I wasn't sure if we HAD to do the whole cycle or if we could pick a portion, I think others might have done the same, I'll spread the word!