Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: First scene Snapshot @phil @simon

This is a screenshot from my first scene. However, during the pitch it was suggested that I try and keep the animation cartoony, does this look too CG at the moment? I'm not sure how to make this more cartoony unless it is something to do with textures?
Any feedback will be much appreciated :)


  1. Hey Rose - for me it is a bit too synthetic at the moment. It's not 'cartoony' you're going for - it's illustrative, so I suggest you consider looking at ways to get some line art elements going on - like hand-drawn 'rim lighting' - you just need more of that quality you've got in that sporangia concept painting - where it's a world of black, with line/rim-light delineating your various shapes. I'll see if Jordan has a moment to pop by your blog for a look-see...

  2. Hi Rose, the project seems to be going strongly. Very magical concept art and animatic.

    As Phil said, there is always the danger that things become too CG and lose the beauty that was originally present in the preproduction artwork. In regards to your own project, there are a few things you'll want to pay extra attention to.

    I think lighting will obviously play a big role. Point lights and area lights with good shadows can instantly kick some magic into the Maya void. The glow and rim lights can be achieved with this aspect.

    Texturing will be the aspect that you can control the most. It will really deliver the uniqueness of style. I'd suggest you layout the UV's for a few objects in a scene and test out some options. I think painterly bushstrokes with some hand painted highlights would be a big help. I think the real task is to stay away from the real and instead try to capture something with more expression. That will include lots of painterly textures and imperfections. This may translate to the modelling, in the sense that you avoid overly smooth forms.

    I'm around in uni next Tuesday, so if you are in, come find me and I'll help with the lighting. If you have a scene and some textured objects by then, we can start to put some strong atmosphere into the shot.

  3. Thankyou muchly, I'll jump to it :D