Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Soundscape: Online Greenlight Review

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  1. Hello Rosie, good work so far - you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into recording your original sounds. Some of these work well in providing a suitable soundtrack, for example the ‘cat eating biscuits’ sound provides a convincing effect of falling lava towards the end.

    I’m not entirely convinced by the ‘gas cooker’ sound as it’s not clear what this represents in the background ambience of your street scene. You might want to consider recording a crowded space, e.g. a shopping mall, to give a sense of a bustling town at the start. The guitar could then be playing more quietly in the background to create a suitable ambience.

    You could do more to build tension to enhance your storyline – at the moment the clear progression in the narrative isn’t replicated in the soundtrack. When the volcano erupts some screams might be effective in helping change the mood from one of calm ambience to one of sudden panic. Also think about using volume more effectively, starting off quietly will give you more dynamic range and enable the volcano sound to have more of an impact.

    Think also about closer synchronisation of sound and image at two or three key points. When the image of the erupting volcano appears on the screen, this is where we should hear the sudden rumble of thunder as it will create more of an emotional response in the listener. You have a good story and the elements of a good soundtrack, but just try to imagine yourself in the space and think about how the sounds in that space would work.