Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Soundscape: 'The Great Day of His Wrath' - John Martin

'The Great Day of His Wrath' created in Oil paintings by John Martin in 1851. His painting depicts a biblical apocalyptic scene, in which God has cursed and caused havoc amongst his people; a feud with the power of nature and man. His inspiration came from the New Testament; St John the Divines interpretation of the Last Judgement in Revelation.

Before researching into the painting I thought about how mankind is destroying the natural world and how all the chaos and destruction could lead to this abyss-like madness we see here, however the point of view coming from an animal.
I then thought of natural disasters, such as mount Vesuvius and the result and sadness that it brought. I think this idea could possibly be taken further as I have visited the country, the volcano and the main city it destroyed (Pompeii) and since my visit I have been fascinated with Italy and its history.
Lastly, I considered 'the fall of...' something, I thought this could be a Gods throne (whether it be dark like Hades or peace-provoking Zues), or the story before Atlantis, how and why it was swallowed up by the sea, maybe it fell through the cracks.

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