Tuesday, 7 January 2014

From Script to Screen : Topics

For this project I have received very contrasting topics from the 'Blue Box'...

PROP: Stick of Dynamite


1 -  One Last Dance
Set in a snow-strewn vast land a male adult Eskimo is fighting off elements to find the Theatre, this is because he and his (now deceased) wife were the finale and best performers there. He wishes to be reunited with her and feels that by performing the duo dance (and with some help from dynamite) that he can be with her. At the end of each show small fireworks would light the stage, instead of fireworks he will use the dynamite in hopes that this 'ritual' will bring his wife back or that the explosives will bring him to her.

- with this plot I want to emphasize the lengths someone will go to, to see and be with their loved ones again. Also I like that he could have different challenges, such as the isolation, the elements and himself (as he feels discouraged and would prefer an easy way out).

2 - ASBO Eskimo 
Set in Alaska a young boy Eskimo and his pet dog (who will probably be a white/grey husky) are always up to mischief. The boy and dog are playing fetch when the stick shatters through some ice and falls into a pit, however, the pit is actually the roof of an underground theatre. The dog sniffs its new environment whilst the boy explores and finds barrels of gunpowder and sticks of dynamite. The boy, thinking it would be humorous throws the dynamite for his dog, as if it were a stick. He is quickly aware of his actions when the dog is bringing the dynamite back to him and he sees it is lit, scared he tries to run away from his husky. But unfortunately is in the blasting zone, the theatre caves in with snow a little and they dig their way out. As the boy and husky both reach the top the boy looks at his dog and sees he is now black but still smiling.

- This plot is a lot more light-hearted and 'young' as the cartoon element of explosives being funny is installed, also that the main character is a young boy. I also think that this plot still seems a little less thought out than the first.

Hopefully more ideas and plots to come but at this moment I feel I should go with One Last Dance.

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  1. it's too soon, Rosie - keep all the elements in play... for example, why can't your Eskimo be an actor in a play, for example (so not an Eskimo, but playing an eskimo?). Maybe the 'theatre' is an environment that has this function, but isn't an actual tradition theatre? For example, maybe your Eskimo is trying to get fish from under the ice, and his attempts become more and more elaborate (involving a stick of dynamite) and then we discover that his antics are being watching by an 'audience of polar bears' who are deriving entertainment from the Eskimo as if they were watching a play? Just keep playing the 'what if?' game, and also asking logical questions about the presence of the various components; another example that occurs to me as I'm typing: a stick of dynamite might belong to a drilling company who are seeking oil in the region - a bit of conflict; and also, think about the different kinds of theatres; puppet theatres, operating theatres... just keep squeezing those story elements for all the juice they might contain... don't lock down, keep things open and flexible; it's early days!