Saturday, 18 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Story Idea Step Outline

Scene 1 - Eskimo is walking in her environment, until she accidentally bashes into the surface of the snow globe. Curious she discovers her world is fake, made out of props and artificial lighting.

Scene 2 - Meanwhile a young man (or animal) is reading his comic (outside of globe), he turns the pages and admires the heroes. Comic strip is about an Eskimo escaping a snow globe.

Scene 3 - Eskimo is using props and equipment to try and break free, this includes a fake tree, ski poles and shoulder barge.

Scene 4 - The 'outsiders' comic book is taken by the wind and it lands on the snow globe, which is disguised in the surroundings. The outsider discovers that the 'damsel in distress' is trying to break free and uses this opportunity to be a heroic-like figure. Rescuing her with dynamite.

This is a basis to my story, before I include fancy camera angles and what actions/poses are taken...
Please feel free to comment and make suggestions :)

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  1. Hey Rosalyn
    I really like this idea. The only question I do have is, what has stopped her from finding the edge sooner? In The Truman show for example theres the large body of water that stops him getting close to discovering the truth, and his fear of sailing which the producers created then creates a mental barrier to stop him from finding the physical one, which he finds because he tried to get over his fear.
    Besides me being picky on that bit, I think it's great :)