Saturday, 25 January 2014

From Script to Screen: SnowGlobe Thumbnails

I'm starting to think I should get some concept ideas down for the inside of my snow globe (the theatre). It is quite challenging as I am thinking the elements in the globe such as tree and clouds need to look like cut-outs or hanging objects to echo artificiality, a stage set. But still in keeping with a snowy landscape, there isnt much to work with or to put in the globe but I'm thinking of strong and vibrant colours such as the Borealis (Aurora/Northern Lights) in the sky as a backdrop for the globe, then in layers have cut-out props of clouds, trees and possibly mountains.
I personally like 13 and 15 as I feel it shows the right amount of combination of an actual snowy landscape and some artificiality; it has to be real enough to believe its there but artificial enough to see it is acting as a stage.

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