Friday, 10 January 2014

From Script to Screen - Possible Plot Ideas


  1. Rosie - I think you're onto something with the snow globe idea! The idea of the snow globe being a theatre really works for me - if a theatre is defined as an environment as an interior space predicated upon ideas of performance, entertainment and spectacle - and fake scenery - which it is (as is your snow globe!). The idea of your Eskimo coming to understand that he is, indeed, trapped in a globe is lovely - and the audience being shown it too; so something like

    ACT 1 - We see an Eskimo fishing and going about his business, thinking we're in a real space, then the Eskimo understands that he is in a snow-globe, trapped - and you know, what if someone in the outside world wanted to get the Eskimo out? For example - another toy, and a macho one at that - a toy soldier with dynamite?! So maybe your Eskimo is a lady Eskimo... I'm thinking of a world logic such as this...

    So - short version - make the snowglobe your actual theatre (they have the same function arguably) and then consider ways in which you might play with the idea of the eskimo getting out/wanting freedom - and who or what is on the outside looking in (the audience of this daily performance).

    1. I really like the idea of 'damsel in distress', and I'm so g;ad I can combine my environment thanks muchly Phil! Design is flooding my mind already :)