Wednesday, 15 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Outline of Story RETHINK

It has been suggested that I think about the 'outside' narrative as well as the narrative in the snowglobe, also that more efforts are tried to break free before being rescued...

Possible actions the Eskimo could take to break free BEFORE being rescued by dynamite, I will include three:
- Uses a fake tree to smash through
- Tries to dig out using a spade (or boot?)
- Uses ski poles (rather like a javelin or has a tantrum and bashes them against the surface)
- Runs fast into it (shoulder barge)
- Canoe boat (she doesn't actually try and break the surface with it as she cant move it)

I have also thought about how I could give some info about the 'outside' narrative, I think this would help if there were some form of back-story or reason why the rescuer sees and/or helps her...

1 - Rescuer is looking at a heroic comic strip, here we get the impression he admires these types of stories. He looks up and sees the Eskimo in need of rescuing and sees this as his chance to save a 'damsel in distress'.

2 - Rescuer is looking at a comic strip which is telling how a Eskimo is trapped in a snow globe, the last page is missing but a small stick of dynamite is there instead. He throws his comic book on the ground to see there is a snowglobe ahead, and realises how the story will end.

3 - Rescuer is sitting reading his comic, which is about an Eskimo being trapped in a snowglobe, the wind takes the comic from his hands and lands on the surface of the snowglobe. However, the snowglobe is disguised as a natural surrounding, when he discovers the story he was reading is alive he knows how to end the story and be the hero hes always wanted to be.

4 - The Rescuer watches the Eskimo daily, like the rest of the public (like Truman Show). Infront of the snowglobe is a stick of dynamite which many have tried to pull out but failed (like Sword in the Stone). It isn't until the rescuer plucks up the courage and tries to pull the dynamite, which he does successfully that he then frees the Eskimo.

5 - The Rescuer is also a working Staff member at the Theatre. He is reading a comic strip when a stick of dynamite falls out of it. The comic book is telling how a Eskimo is trapped in a snow globe, and is rescued. He sees this as his chance to be a Hero.

Personally I would choose the following:

-Fake tree
-Digging out
-Shoulder Barge

and for the 'outside' narrative possibly number 5.


  1. Hey Rosalyn!

    I agree with the breakout possibilities you came up with, the idea of this little Eskimo running into the snow globe made me laugh (can just picture it happening!). But I think maybe the ski-poles is a good idea, seeing this character fly through the air and hitting the glass as if it was a pigeon into a window could be funny :).

    And I like the sound of outside narrative number 3, just sounds like a happy, daydream kinda story :).

  2. Hey Rosalyn! :)

    Maybe you could go with a Toy Story kind of vibe. You could have your Eskimo and her Rescuer next to each other, both in snow globes. At night when no one is watching they could come alive and make loving gestures at each other. Then, one night the Rescuer get's an idea! He uses the dynamite that's in his snow globe to burst open the glass when he and the Eskimo are hiding behind trees that are in both their snow globes. They both escape together and no longer have a barrier between them, they go on to show all the other snow globes how to Escape too! You could then pan down to a poster of a theatre film that shows the Eskimo and her rescuer escaping from an explosion! :D
    you could then show the staff at the theatre all confused as to why there all their snow-globes are smashed! :D

    Hope this makes sense :D
    And i hope it helps you Rosalyn! :D

  3. Hey Rosalyn
    I love these ideas, especially the bit where the rescuer decides to make his own ending for the comic book, I think this gives great motivation for the character :)