Wednesday, 8 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Influence Map - environment/prop

At first I imagined the Theatre to be unloved and abandoned however, looking over feedback why not use the Theatre and its assets, such as lighting and stage. I then started to delve into the performing side of things such as acting and dance. I thought of a burlesque-like Eskimo themed performance or a tribal dance from the culture. I then fused the idea of 'Eskimo' and researched 'ice theatre'. Fortunately, there are such things but instead of a wooden stage its an ice rink in which figure skaters perform, I think dance and figure skating have a particular 'sparkle' and dazzle in them that if done right can really be entrancing and special.  
In discussions it was suggested I look at Disneys new production; Frozen. Here I found inspiring concept art of structures that had ice or snow on them or objects made out of icy materials. I also found here my colour palette, in combination of my photography and performing arts background I have also taken a keen interest in the lighting and how easily it can evoke a particular mood, I would like to use a colour palette that will make the audience aware that the environment is cold but still be in awe of the simplicity.

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