Thursday, 30 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Extra Character costume?

This is my second character, I'm just playing with costume at the moment and he will be wearing a mask too.  I have decided on the dark colour scheme as his main weapon is Dynamite. I am also thinking of a name, any suggestions are welcome. So far I have had suggestions of, Dyna-man, Dyna-Mike and Man of Mite.


  1. I like Dyna-Mike - it's sort of sweet and a bit silly - like most superheroes really... :)

  2. Hi Rosalyn, (: out of these costumes I think I like the third one the most (: it looks more modern day superhero, and more manly and everyone loves the manly superheroes right? :P Also I think it is the most interesting design ^^ For the name I like Man of Mite and Dyna-Mike the best (:

  3. I like the costume for number 4 and the name Dyna-Mike