Thursday, 30 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Possible Storyboard with alternate ending?

From Script to Screen: Extra Character costume?

This is my second character, I'm just playing with costume at the moment and he will be wearing a mask too.  I have decided on the dark colour scheme as his main weapon is Dynamite. I am also thinking of a name, any suggestions are welcome. So far I have had suggestions of, Dyna-man, Dyna-Mike and Man of Mite.

Toolkit Drawing: Life Drawing: Francis

Pencil - 15 minutes
Chalk Pastel - 10 minutes
Chalk Pastel - 1-2 minutes
Charcoal- 2 minutes
Charcoal/chalk pastel - 15-30 seconds

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Toolkit Maya: Intro to Animation Character - Anticipation and Follow Through

Toolkit Maya: Intro to Animation, Character - Felix Mechanic Walk

From Script to Screen: Extra Character Mask?

Mask variations
I thought about giving my extra/hero character a mask. Personally I want the mask to add to him not hinder his expressions, because of this I would rather have him plain, or in number 2 or 5. Number 2 is a spin off from 'Phantom of the Opera' which links to the Theatre; my environment. Though number 5 you can still clearly see his face and it accentuates his cheek bones.

From Script to Screen: Extra Character Revisit


After much thought I revisited my extra character sketches and thought about what would be the best 'llok' for my character to help broaden the story if need be. Looking at older comics the heroic males are clean, with simple features, and simple costumes. I keep thinking he needs to be simple to draw as I'll be drawing him often, originally I wanted someone he admired heroes but was cowardly and 'weedy' but if a hero character were to come out of a comic book he would be the opposite, hence for the changes I have made.
Personally, I like hairstyle 3 as its slick and we can see his face (giving me room for expression), however, I may experiment with possible masks but still keeping with not making him too glamorous or extravagent.

From Script to Screen: Hero character in second category

I was thinking about my Hero character being an action figure or coming out of a comic book, I have sketched some male characters as men (comic book) and some action figures (above) as if they were in a bedroom. With recent feedback I need to tread carefully about how my extra character is conveyed, as they cant steal the limelight from the character I was given; an Eskimo, With this is hand and whilst sketching these more robotic figures I have discovered that I'd personally prefer my character to be a man coming our of a comic book, that way I can differentiate different styles and it can broaden my story line, as the two characters could make their own story between one another.

Toolkit Drawing: Celebrity Bob Godfrey Style

Sylvester Stallone as Rambo - Bob Godfrey Style

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Toolkit Drawing: Character Workshop: Bob Godfrey / Object into Character

Roobarb and Custard
Our first exercise was to draw one another in the still of Bob Godfreys sketches.
Sam, Josh, Megan, Will, Kyle

Anthony, Damyn, Ayunie

We then were given a character and were asked to make weapons and props for them, however, I had Batman, who already has weapons so instead I gave him domestic items.

Lastly, we were asked to bring in a interesting object, to which I brought in a hair clip. We then had to sketch and manipulate it into a life form/character.

From Script to Screen: NEW character

I have divided my 'extra/hero' character into two categories, if he comes out of the comic I want him to be a man (like 1-8) however, if he is a toy in a bedroom then I think I will make him less human (like number 9), this could look similar to a Halo character, a man in a metallic suit.

For now, I like numbers 3 and 8, I figured if Im going to be drawing the character alot he needs to be simple to draw, also I dont want him to overshadow the Eskimo.

From Script to Screen: SnowGlobe Thumbnails

I'm starting to think I should get some concept ideas down for the inside of my snow globe (the theatre). It is quite challenging as I am thinking the elements in the globe such as tree and clouds need to look like cut-outs or hanging objects to echo artificiality, a stage set. But still in keeping with a snowy landscape, there isnt much to work with or to put in the globe but I'm thinking of strong and vibrant colours such as the Borealis (Aurora/Northern Lights) in the sky as a backdrop for the globe, then in layers have cut-out props of clouds, trees and possibly mountains.
I personally like 13 and 15 as I feel it shows the right amount of combination of an actual snowy landscape and some artificiality; it has to be real enough to believe its there but artificial enough to see it is acting as a stage.

From Script to Screen: SnowGlobe Thumbnails

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Toolkit Drawing: Life Drawing: Francis 2

Chalk Pastel - 20-30mins
Leg/Light study, Chalk pastel - 10 mins

Chalk Pastel - 20 mins
Chalk Pastel - 20 mins

Toolkit Drawing: Life Drawing: Francis 1

Close up of watercolour study

Watercolour - 30 mins
Watercolour - 20mins

Charcoal - 5 mins

Monday, 20 January 2014

Soundscape: Inspiration

I went onto and created this small nature track just to help me plan suspense in my animatic, so I know the atmosphere I am trying to achieve.

SoundScape: Original SFX

My Original sounds, what they sound like and how they were actually made, this has helped me create a mood board of what does/doesn't work and what else could be included?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Story Idea Step Outline

Scene 1 - Eskimo is walking in her environment, until she accidentally bashes into the surface of the snow globe. Curious she discovers her world is fake, made out of props and artificial lighting.

Scene 2 - Meanwhile a young man (or animal) is reading his comic (outside of globe), he turns the pages and admires the heroes. Comic strip is about an Eskimo escaping a snow globe.

Scene 3 - Eskimo is using props and equipment to try and break free, this includes a fake tree, ski poles and shoulder barge.

Scene 4 - The 'outsiders' comic book is taken by the wind and it lands on the snow globe, which is disguised in the surroundings. The outsider discovers that the 'damsel in distress' is trying to break free and uses this opportunity to be a heroic-like figure. Rescuing her with dynamite.

This is a basis to my story, before I include fancy camera angles and what actions/poses are taken...
Please feel free to comment and make suggestions :)

From Script to Screen: Eskimo Development and Costume Design

Development Sketch
This is a preview of my Eskimo character. I think this pose is quite feminine but still has a strong stnace, a quality I would like her to possess.

Costume Ideas
These are possible costume ideas for my Eskimo character. I personally like numbers 1 and 5. 1 looks suitable for her environment and gives the impression shes active. Number 5 is a little more girly but not over the top for what she has to do.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Soundscape: Extremely rough storyboard idea

I have gone with the idea that this is Mount Vesuvius erupting into Pompeii, Italy.
- Opening with a LS of a market and a customer looking at apples.
- CU of customers hand holding apple.
-MS of apple stall shaking
-LS of customer confused.
-CU of customer looking towards Mount Vesuvius.
-LS of smoke coming from volcano.
-LS of customer dropping apple and stepping back, PAN into..
- Customer runs towards camera as it pitches towards his feet (CU).
-LS of volcano spurting lava.
-ELS of citizens running through town, bell ringer looks from balcony.
-ECU of bell ringing, swinging to and from the camera.
-ELS of citizens running, scene gets darker as ash cloud shadow spreads over the town.
-LS/MS of bell ringer letting go of the rope.
-CU of bell ringers frightened expression.
- Keyframe.

Toolkit Drawing: Character Workshop: Shapes and Sizes

Our first task was to take a character and draw them out of opposite shapes. As Homer (from The Simpsons) is round I instead made him out of squares and triangles.

We were given a character type and challenged to do a 'line-up'. We could make them different genders, ethnicity, shape, size and era. From left to right: Cocky 'typical' Knight, Overweight Templar Knight and female Asian Modern Knight.

Toolkit Maya: Pre Vis - Coverage

Soundscape: The Great Day of His Wrath - Research

At I have made a 1 minute track just to help me storyboard some ideas..

I imagine that the animatic will be a build up to the destruction thats about to happen

From Script to Screen: Reference and Research

Knick Knack - 1989

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Outline of Story RETHINK

It has been suggested that I think about the 'outside' narrative as well as the narrative in the snowglobe, also that more efforts are tried to break free before being rescued...

Possible actions the Eskimo could take to break free BEFORE being rescued by dynamite, I will include three:
- Uses a fake tree to smash through
- Tries to dig out using a spade (or boot?)
- Uses ski poles (rather like a javelin or has a tantrum and bashes them against the surface)
- Runs fast into it (shoulder barge)
- Canoe boat (she doesn't actually try and break the surface with it as she cant move it)

I have also thought about how I could give some info about the 'outside' narrative, I think this would help if there were some form of back-story or reason why the rescuer sees and/or helps her...

1 - Rescuer is looking at a heroic comic strip, here we get the impression he admires these types of stories. He looks up and sees the Eskimo in need of rescuing and sees this as his chance to save a 'damsel in distress'.

2 - Rescuer is looking at a comic strip which is telling how a Eskimo is trapped in a snow globe, the last page is missing but a small stick of dynamite is there instead. He throws his comic book on the ground to see there is a snowglobe ahead, and realises how the story will end.

3 - Rescuer is sitting reading his comic, which is about an Eskimo being trapped in a snowglobe, the wind takes the comic from his hands and lands on the surface of the snowglobe. However, the snowglobe is disguised as a natural surrounding, when he discovers the story he was reading is alive he knows how to end the story and be the hero hes always wanted to be.

4 - The Rescuer watches the Eskimo daily, like the rest of the public (like Truman Show). Infront of the snowglobe is a stick of dynamite which many have tried to pull out but failed (like Sword in the Stone). It isn't until the rescuer plucks up the courage and tries to pull the dynamite, which he does successfully that he then frees the Eskimo.

5 - The Rescuer is also a working Staff member at the Theatre. He is reading a comic strip when a stick of dynamite falls out of it. The comic book is telling how a Eskimo is trapped in a snow globe, and is rescued. He sees this as his chance to be a Hero.

Personally I would choose the following:

-Fake tree
-Digging out
-Shoulder Barge

and for the 'outside' narrative possibly number 5.

Toolkit Maya: Pre Vis - Distance and Coverage

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Adobe Premiere/Audition

Using only a few given sounds and various clips we were asked to create a short clip. I have used sounds of:
- breathing
-glass smash
-outside atmosphere

From Script to Screen: Rough Storyboard Ideas

Following the Outline of my story I am experimenting with different storyboards, here are some examples.

-CU of Eskimo boots walking through snow
-Mid shot of Eskimo walking until she bashes into the surface and falls over
-POV shot looking at the surface
-Mid shot, knocks on the surface
-OTS looks at supposedly real tree, walks towards it
-MS of Eskimo taking her hood off
-CU of removing one glove
-OTS pokes fake tree
-LS the fake 'cut-out' tree falls towards camera
-LS Eskimo struts towards surface, fake tree in hand
-MS Eskimo bashes the tree against the surface, towards camera
-LS sighs and drops the cut out tree
-ECU presses face against surface
-CU character shouts but it not heard
-POV dynamite rolls into shot
-MS Eskimo kneels to investigate
-POV dynamite just before explosion
- LS of Eskimo falling in air
-POV of character waiting to catch Eskimo
-LS Character catches Eskimo
-CU of Eskimo blushing and smiling

-POV Eskimo is curious about the trees
-LS Eskimo walks into view towards camera
-CU of Eskimo boots
-OTS looks at supposedly real tree, walks towards it
-MS of Eskimo taking her hood off
-CU of removing one glove
-OTS pokes fake tree
-LS the fake 'cut-out' tree falls towards camera
-LS Eskimo walks until she comes in contact with the surface
-ECU looks through surface
-LS Eskimo struts towards surface, fake tree in hand
-MS Eskimo bashes the tree against the surface, towards camera
-LS sighs and drops the cut out tree
-LS Eskimo knocks on surface
-MS of character shouting but not heard
-POV dynamite rolls into shot
-MS Eskimo kneels to investigate
-POV dynamite just before explosion
- LS of Eskimo falling in air
-POV of character waiting to catch Eskimo
-LS Character catches Eskimo
-CU of Eskimo blushing and smiling

Toolkit Animation: Gesture Portraits

1st Sketch

2nd Sketch

3rd Sketch

4th Sketch
In this exercise we were asked to pair up and draw one other without looking at our paper. In my first sketch I tried to use feathery lines, however, was corrected to use a more harsh one line and continuous. This instruction helped me improve.

From Script to Screen: Outline of Story?

Cutting Edge Film Programme: La Jetee

Monday, 13 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Extra Characters?

Extra Characters

I have almost got the gist of my story and it WILL include another character. This character will act as a helper/rescuer, I didn't want my character to be handsome and charming, so I made them quirky instead.
I like numbers 2 - He's cute and I think it fits into the cartoon, child audience more as its an animal.
Number 5 - As he looks average and the antlers and a quirkiness that I like, it also suggests hes not fully human.
Number 8 - I think this one looks the most human, apart from the elf ears. I like that its primp and neat.

From Script to Screen: Extra Characters?

Toolkit Maya: Pre Vis - Camera Shake

                                                                Drop - Camera Shake

                                                             Passby - Camera Shake 

Toolkit Maya: Pre Vis - Camera Rig

My Camera Rig

Sunday, 12 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Female Eskimo Character?

Here are some faces I have drawn for the (possible) female Eskimo character. Within these drawings I have, on some, duplicated the features and discovered how a slight different face shape or even eyebrow can change the face dramatically. My favourites are numbers 1 and 5. 
Number 1 looks more like an Inuit and she has a rounder face making her more friendly, also her features are simple to draw, which is good as I may have to draw her multiple times in my animatic. However, I do like number 5 as I think she is more beautiful but she doesn't fit the 'cultural features' of an Eskimo/Inuit at all.

I then tested out hairstyles on my favourites. I feel number 3 makes her look more Eskimo, but I do prefer numbers 1 and 2 as this is what her hair could actually look like if she were in her home environment as it is suitable.

Lastly. I put the same/similar hairstyles onto my other favourite. With her full lips and curved brows I think the long hairstyles make her look very Hollywood, I'm still keen on hairstyles 1, 2 and 3.

From Script to Screen: Storyboard Like-for-Like


Close up of various frames

Start at 1:06

There are many films and games I like but only a few that I adore. At the time of its release I really enjoyed this game and as it was suggested to do an 'action' sequence, I thought why not a game cinematic/trailer.
I liked sketching this sequence due to the variety of camera angles for example, diagonal and low, and also the amount of movement there is.