Saturday, 7 December 2013

Secret Lairs: Rendered Image of scene (complete?)

This is my final scene of the Arachnid Secret Agent Lair modelled in Maya. I like my outcome and think my strengths when using this software is lighting, however my weakness is texturing. My final image isn't identical to my Concept Art, I have changed the floor to sand instead of stone slabs with small sand piles and the extruded part of the ceiling isn't patterned the way I had hoped.
Possible changes...
I would like to keep the ball of fire but make it less CG, I was shown this with fire flames on a plane but I have forgotten how to do this.
Also possibly put the original pattern onto the extruding part of the ceiling; the reason why I haven't experimented with these changes as I'm not sure how to do them and will investigate further.
Please comment and tell me what you think, should I keep the scene the way it is or make the changes? 


  1. Really love how this turns out Rosalyn! :) Btw, did you change the camera angle? I would love to see more of the side view of the Scorpion on the fountain like you had in your concept art.

  2. I didnt :P but thats a good point actually, it should be bigger aswell but it just made the scene look cluttered, ill put up some thumbnails of angles of the final render :D

  3. Really liking the render :) I would suggest perhaps using the same opacity on the cloth to the upper left of this scene, is it the same density as the rest of the cloth surrounding the room? I like the change with the flooring also, really creating a immersive environment for your arachnid