Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Furniture/Prop Ideas

With previous discussions it was suggested to 'up the amp' on the scorpion element as my lair, as it stands, doesn't evoke a true arachnid essence. I have looked at the anatomy of a scorpion and various cultural objects (faberge egg) and plants. Above, are idea sketches of what could possibly go in the lair to make it 'more-scorpion', I'm still not certain on what my hero prop will look like but the suggested idea of it being something that can transform my character into the 'half scorpion centaur' I like very much. All comments will be appreciated, fire ideas and thoughts my way .


  1. I told you i'd comment :D

    I really like the idea of bringing in more scorpion and arachnid related objects for your furniture and hero prop.

    I saw one of your designs and it really made me think of this - dont know why, maybe you could incorporate the scorpions exoskeleton into designs - http://shieldtv.net/centipedes-agents-of-shields-big-bad

    I dunno really :) but I like your designs that look like they have been influence by scorpion claws :) there very bold and symbolic.

    Ps did you know that Ticks and Nymphs are also arachnids? you could incorporate elements from that into your designs too?

  2. Oh and there is also a glow in the dark scorpion? This could effect your lighting maybe?